About Us

Hello and Welcome to Lola's Couture Collection! Please feel free to ask any questions before heading over to https://www.lolascouturecollection.com/  to place your order!

You are the reason LOLA'S COUTURE COLLECTION is here!



GLAMOUR, BEAUTY AND FASHION have been trademarks for me. Lola’s is my lifelong passion, feeling good about myself, about what I wear and how I look. People often compliment me on the way I dress. They engage me in conversation and share their thoughts. I’m talking about complete strangers, the ones I've met in the coffee shop, in the library, in the grocery store and on my way to work. We made a connection, a special bond, a friendship that would last a lifetime. I truly cherish these moments and want to share them with you. These experiences inspired me to create Lola's Couture Collection.

Lola’s is not just a clothing brand. It is my way of showing, giving and reaching out to anyone who shares my feelings about glamour, beauty and fashion.

Life can be fulfilling.

I want you to experience all of this.



We are located at Clearwater, Florida, you may contact us at lolascouturecollection@gmail.com or through our chat support.